Tackling Economic Hardship

In the past couple of years, we have seen the cost of everything skyrocket. Carbon Taxes, labour shortages, inflation, mismanaged public funds, spending tax dollars on failed business ventures, and no clear plan to help struggling Albertans. In the coming months, the Buffalo Party of Alberta will be conducting membership surveys and launching our policy workshops across the province. We are here to listen and find solutions for the province we love and call home. The status quo isn’t working, the same old tax more and spend more policies have failed, spending tax dollars on investing in private industry is not the role of government either. The Buffalo Party of Alberta is committed to bringing forward common-sense solutions to directly address the issues that families and small businesses face. We will tackle runaway cost of living. We will take on the challenges facing small businesses in Alberta. Most importantly, a Buffalo Party Government will not allow tax dollars to be spent on picking winners and losers and ideologically driven government vanity projects. It is time to unshackle small businesses, reduce the burden on middle-class families, and become a Canadian beacon for investment.

It’s time to
Unleash Alberta’s Potential.


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