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For too long, the government in Alberta has taken a decidedly tone-deaf position to the needs of the people of our beautiful province. We see how politicians speak to each other, and truthfully we often don’t want our children to witness disrespectful behavior. We can do better. Over the past year, thousands of Albertans have demonstrated a desire for a more respectful government. A government that listens and hears the needs of the people. Those everyday Albertans formed the Buffalo Party of Alberta, and we are ready to put the serve back into public service. You may have heard the statement before, “all politics is local”. Put simply, that’s how it ought to be. A government that is closely connected to local issues typically governs best and allows decisions to be made as close to the source of the issue as possible. Yet we have not had politicians who desire a decentralized government. In fact quite the opposite. Not a day goes by where we don’t see examples of government overreach and power grabs. We need a high-powered, focused government that breathes efficiency and allows more local decision-making. If that means cleaning house in dusty corners of government bureaucracy and rooting out entrenched elites, then the Buffalo Party of Alberta has our sleeves rolled up, ready to work on behalf of all Albertans and

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The Buffalo Party and its Society are rooted in, and all their actions and activities shall conform with,
defend and be guided by these foundational principles.

“The Buffalo Party of Alberta has our sleeves rolled up, ready to work on behalf of all Albertans”