The past several years some Albertans have sought to push an agenda of Alberta leaving Canada. Let me be perfectly clear, the Buffalo Party of Alberta believes that Alberta should, no…we must exercise every provincial self-governing ability we have. Every available option for a self-determining will put Alberta on a strong footing, and a position of equality that we don’t currently enjoy within confederation. Alberta has always been fiercely free, in mind, heart and spirit, and yet able to forge good relationships within our Canadian family. By exercising our autonomy, and requiring equality from Ottawa, our future will be decided. Our hope is that the whole of Canada may respect the sovereignty of Alberta, much like they have with other provinces who have asked for the same respect within confederation. For those Albertans who believe that leaving our Canadian family is the only way, unfortunately we may not be your first choice, but the Buffalo Party will affirm Alberta autonomy within confederation, and that my friends is the best deal for all Albertans. Only by exercising the full range of rights delegated to provinces can we Unleash Alberta’s Potential.


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