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About US

It’s time to
Unleash Alberta’s Potential.

Our Vision

For too long, the government in Alberta has taken a decidedly tone-deaf position to the needs of the people of our beautiful province. We see how politicians speak to each other, and truthfully we often don’t want our children to witness disrespectful behavior. We can do better. Over the past year, thousands of Albertans have demonstrated a desire for a more respectful government. A government that listens and hears the needs of the people. Those everyday Albertans formed the Buffalo Party of Alberta, and we are ready to put the serve back into public service. You may have heard the statement before, “all politics is local”. Put simply, that’s how it ought to be. A government that is closely connected to local issues typically governs best and allows decisions to be made as close to the source of the issue as possible. Yet we have not had politicians who desire a decentralized government. In fact quite the opposite. Not a day goes by where we don’t see examples of government overreach and power grabs. We need a high-powered, focused government that breathes efficiency and allows more local decision-making. If that means cleaning house in dusty corners of government bureaucracy and rooting out entrenched elites, then the Buffalo Party of Alberta has our sleeves rolled up, ready to work on behalf of all Albertans and

Unleash Alberta’s Potential! 


The Buffalo Party and its Society are rooted in, and all their actions and activities shall conform with,
defend and be guided by these foundational principles.



Supremacy of the rule of law, equality of all before the law, and protection of the fundamental rights & freedoms of all under the law.


Democratic institutions wherein elected represen-tatives serve honestly, ethically, & with concern for all their constituents, & governments at all levels are open & accountable to the people.


Universal public access to health care and education, while honoring individual choice and
looking for continuous


Compassion for the less fortunate expressed through social policies that help people become self-reliant and ensure opportunities for all.


The family is the foundational building block of a healthy society, and the principal means by which citizens acquire, practice, and pass on their values and beliefs.



Fiscal prudence, including limited government, balanced budgets,
debt reduction, and realistic taxation
and contingency provisions.


A regulatory regime that is fair, competitive, and that does
not inhibit economic growth.


Economic freedom in a market economy which encourages the creation of wealth through
free enterprise, and protection
of the right to own,
enjoy and exchange property.



Environmental responsibility: including proper stewardship, conservation, preservation and use of our natural resources for the benefit of
present and future generations.


Alberta has a rich, diverse and distinct cultural heritage which must be
recognized as we adapt to
the present and plan
for the future.

“We are here
to listen and find solutions for the province we love and call home.”

Tackling Economic Hardship

In the past couple of years, we have seen the cost of everything skyrocket. Carbon Taxes, labour shortages, inflation, mismanaged public funds, spending tax dollars on failed business ventures, and no clear plan to help struggling Albertans. In the coming months, the Buffalo Party of Alberta will be conducting membership surveys and launching our policy workshops across the province. We are here to listen and find solutions for the province we love and call home. The status quo isn’t working, the same old tax more and spend more policies have failed, spending tax dollars on investing in private industry is not the role of government either. The Buffalo Party of Alberta is committed to bringing forward common-sense solutions to directly address the issues that families and small businesses face. We will tackle runaway cost of living. We will take on the challenges facing small businesses in Alberta. Most importantly, a Buffalo Party Government will not allow tax dollars to be spent on picking winners and losers and ideologically driven government vanity projects. It is time to unshackle small businesses, reduce the burden on middle-class families, and become a Canadian beacon for investment.

It’s time to
Unleash Alberta’s Potential.

Protecting Healthcare

The COVID Pandemic has highlighted several flaws with the system designed to provide healthcare to Albertans. First, the centralized model of healthcare has removed decisions away from the people that AHS is designed to serve. Policies that may make sense in downtown Edmonton, simply don’t work in Grand Prairie or Medicine Hat. Second, how we manage our healthcare dollars needs to be reviewed. This means more front-line workers, and less sunshine list managers. This means expanding rural ambulance service, and not firing front line workers for their religious beliefs. As the Buffalo Party reaches out to Albertans over the coming months, we want to hear from you and hear your ideas on how we can fix our healthcare system not only for today, but a sustainable plan for Alberta’s future. A healthy economy begins with healthy people, together we can Unleash Alberta’s Potential by improving our healthcare system today.

Autonomy Is Vital to Alberta

The past several years some Albertans have sought to push an agenda of Alberta leaving Canada. Let me be perfectly clear, the Buffalo Party of Alberta believes that Alberta should, no…we must exercise every provincial self-governing ability we have. Every available option for a self-determining will put Alberta on a strong footing, and a position of equality that we don’t currently enjoy within confederation. Alberta has always been fiercely free, in mind, heart and spirit, and yet able to forge good relationships within our Canadian family. By exercising our autonomy, and requiring equality from Ottawa, our future will be decided. Our hope is that the whole of Canada may respect the sovereignty of Alberta, much like they have with other provinces who have asked for the same respect within confederation. For those Albertans who believe that leaving our Canadian family is the only way, unfortunately we may not be your first choice, but the Buffalo Party will affirm Alberta autonomy within confederation, and that my friends is the best deal for all Albertans. Only by exercising the full range of rights delegated to provinces can we Unleash Alberta’s Potential.

Education for Today, Building for Tomorrow

As parents and educators have begun to realize that children don’t learn the same way it is no wonder frustration has grown over the current system that seemingly ignores, in many aspects, how each child is unique and requires different educational needs. This is why as the Buffalo Party begins to develop principled policies on education, listening to families as the primary educators will be a priority. You see, as parents, we have an innate responsibility for the education of our children, not the government. A Buffalo Party government believes in parental leadership when it comes to curriculum development, not top down, government dictated education. Decentralized leadership, a desire to listen to the people, and a deep respect for the people of this province is what the Buffalo Party of Alberta offers. Through policies that focus on education built with an understanding of the needs of children, and curriculum that can focus on the educational needs of tomorrow we can together Unleash Alberta’s Potential.

“The Buffalo Party of Alberta has our sleeves rolled up, ready to work on behalf of
all Albertans”

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